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  1. elisadevelon Elite Member 25wk 5d ago

    Quote by DragonBlood Welcome back! It's good to see a work from you! and what a wallpaper! It's incredible! Great job!

    Thank you, DragonBlood! :)

    Maybe a bit late but still Merry Christmas to you! Enjoy the holidays!

  2. Monu-chan Moderator 47wk 0d ago

    Quote by DragonBlood really cool wally! you did a great job!

    Thank you so much for comment and favorite. :D

  3. johnscott Nov 23, 2015

    thx for comment and fav =)

  4. YoruAngel866 Sep 16, 2015

    Quote by DragonBlood I like the colors and the vectoring! It's a good work!

    Thank you ^_^

  5. Alenas Retired Moderator Jul 28, 2015

    Quote by DragonBlood It's beautiful! I love the bright colors...the reds and black are amazing! It looks alive!

    Thanks, glad you liked it! xD

  6. YoruAngel866 Jul 26, 2015

    Quote by DragonBlood I adore Fay! So I already like this wallpaper from the start! I like the color play and the effects!

    Thank you! Me too! Fay is my fav <3

  7. oty-kun Jul 17, 2015

    Quote by DragonBlood A very simple wallpaper! but I do like the colors!

    Thank you!

  8. Alenas Retired Moderator Jul 04, 2015

    Quote by DragonBlood eheheh! I'm glad you thought it was time for a shirtless hot male wall! looks incredible!

    Haha, thanks, glad you liked it! :D

  9. elisadevelon Elite Member Jul 01, 2015

    Quote by DragonBlood Incredible! the color composition and the effects are stunning in this one! What an amazing birthday gift! :D

    Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the wall! :)
    I was proud of the outcome as well. :D

  10. Alenas Retired Moderator May 01, 2015

    Quote by DragonBlood gorgeous colors! I actually like to see a colorful wallpaper from this anime! It fits summer! cool!

    Haha, I was also really happy when, besides all those dramatic, dark scans, I saw a few of these pretty colorful ones. Thanks, glad you like it! :)

  11. elisadevelon Elite Member Mar 28, 2015

    Quote by DragonBlood both versions are incredible! Great job!

    Thank you so much, DragonBlood! :)

  12. elisadevelon Elite Member Mar 17, 2015

    Quote by DragonBlood My friend...the bricks are amazing! The ivy looks almost real...I love the scans you used! and the sparrows look adorable! absolutely well done! :D

    Thank you~ Glad you enjoyed it. I love the cute sparrows, too. :3

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